Suriname. A Brother Country of Indonesia

Suriname Ambassador to IndonesiaAngelic Caroline Alihusain:

"Numbers of Javanese people living in Suriname make Indonesia become the brother country for Suriname. Since many of Javanese descendants are there, automatically Javanese culture is strongly felt in Suriname." 

"And the fact that they have been merged into Suriname nation makes Indonesia be not only a friend state for Suriname, but more that become brother country," said Angelic here Wednesday, after signing the Commemorative Cover in the Framework of 35th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relation between Indonesia and Suriname."      

Angelic said: "120 years ago, there was a Javanese stepped in Suriname land for the first time and hence created history of Javanese people who lived in the country which most of the citizens were descendants". 

The signing took place in Ministry of Culture and Tourism building, which was also attended by General Secretary of the Minister, Wardiyatmo and also General Director of Post and Telecommunication Muhammad, Budi Setiawan. Wardiyanto said Javanese descendants had been an influence group in Suriname, either in administration or society.

"There are five Javanese descendants who become Ministers in the republic of Suriname; and it shows that Javanese is strongly related to Suriname," he said. Moreover, he added, the signing of Commemorative Framework did not only become the follow up of Culture Changes Program, which was conducted in September 2010, but also as the effort to explore bilateral relationships in any sectors. 

"Since culture is the root of bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Suriname, I wish after this framework signing, we will have bilateral relationship in many sectors, especially in economics," he said. (Sumber : "antara" -

taken from: (JAKARTA, January 6, 2010) Read More..